SCI home loan: what conditions?

Find out how much you can borrow under SCI and get the best rates for your real estate investment. A real estate civil society is a group of several people pooling their financial resources to invest in real estate, that is to say, buy a house, apartments, or a building to, generally, collect a rental rent. There are several types of SCI, but the most common is family SCI, a group of members of the same family.

If the resources are pooled within the framework of the SCI, it is, however, necessary to obtain financing, that is to say, a mortgage in the name of the SCI which will make it possible to buy the property. It is good to know that certain elements may be required for these types of housing loans, starting with the contribution, by the guarantees that the SCI can bring or even the possible financial arrangements from which the members can benefit.


Apply for a real estate loan for an SCI

Obtaining a mortgage for an SCI is similar to that of a conventional borrower, it is necessary to establish a request with a financing organization or a bank by specifying the amount of the investment and the resources of SCI. It is also necessary to specify the charges in progress and other elements of information that may play in the constitution of the file.

Without contribution: if the rental annuities can cover the amount of the monthly payment, then the contribution will not be required by the financial establishments.

Guarantee: a mortgage involves taking a guarantee, for an SCI, it is possible to choose between the bank guarantee and the mortgage, some establishments only offer one.

Tax arrangements: the ELP is not compatible with a rental investment, just as the PTZ cannot be obtained since the latter is confined to purchase in the main residence. However, the SCI benefits from the absence of inheritance tax, which can allow a member of the SCI to transfer his shares to his children “free”.


Simulate a mortgage for an SCI

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You are a member of an SCI and you want to obtain a financing notice for a mortgage? This simulation will allow you to file a single home loan request and after validation, the simulator will automatically probe the financing organizations present on the market that can respond favorably to your request. In just a few minutes, you will receive several mortgage loan offers to allow you to compare them and select the best proposal.

This service is free and without obligation, it can be requested at any time of the day, whether in an informative approach or in an active search for financing, the services offer very good responsiveness to find financing compatible with your investment.

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